Saturday, June 29

A Walk In North Devon From Mortehoe

Mortehoe North Devon

While away in North Devon we did quite a few walks. This one was from the village of Morthoe via Bull Point, Rockham Beach and Morte Point and back to the village again.

The weather wasn't as nice and sunny as we had hoped but it was dry so we put on our walking shoes and headed across country first to the lighthouse. I'd only seen it previously marked on a map so was a bit disappointed when we finally reached the building - not quite as I had imagined.

Mortehoe lighthouse

But the scenery was great, overlooking Bull Point, and we were quite high up.

North Devon coast

We walked on along the coastal path in a westward direction, mostly with just a few sheep to keep us company.

Sheep on North Devon cliffs

These two sheep I discovered under a gorse bush, a mother and lamb I presume.

Sheep hiding on a North Devon cliff top

It was hazy but the open cliffs and hills appeared to go on forever with ...


... many wild flowers clinging to the cliffs.

North Devon Cliffs near Mortehoe

The footpath stretched on for miles with lots of ups and downs.

Footpath near Morthoe Devon

You can still see the path in the distance continuing to the top left of the photo below.

North Devon scenery from cliffs near Mortehoe

After much puffing and panting we finally made it to Morte Point ...

Morte Point Devon

... and this in turn led us back to Morthoe village ...

Mortehoe village North Devon

and the inevitable church.

Morethoe church

Walks from Morthoe

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  1. I love these country walks through the centuries, and the inevitable church. I bet there was a pub nearby.

    1. Spot on - the pub was next to the church, so very convenient for worshippers! And the building to the right of the photo of the village serves traditional cream teas: scones, jam, cream and a pot of tea - perfect after a walk.

  2. I'm so envious. Looks wonderful and cream teas as well I see! Doubly envious.

    1. It's a nice spot, dare I say it - just as good as Cornwall.

  3. How funny, a pub next to a church! This scenery is so dramatic and gorgeous. I really enjoy walking with you and Karin through the countryside.

    1. Thanks Trish. These small villages always had a church and usually several pubs. Nowadays though some of the pubs can't keep going. But I suppose we have to accept change.