Friday, June 28

67 Not Out Readers Coincidence Stories

Three 67 Not Out readers' stories follow, the first two wish to remain anonymous.

"My grown daughter and I were texting in the morning. She called me during the texts because she said I sounded weird and asked why. She said if I needed her to be my wingman she needed to be in the drivers seat. It made me laugh and I decided to go to visit her as she lives in the next town over.

"I picked her up and I needed to run in the store so she waited in the car. While checking out in the grocery store I was standing behind a man with a tattoo down the back if his arm that said in all caps 'WINGMAN' it was so odd. I came out immediately and we laughed about how weird it was."

"After I met my now husband we were getting to know each other and he noted that I have the same birth-date as the grandmother who had cared for him. Later I found out she and I also had the same maiden name."

"My sister died earlier this year with lung cancer. It was a traumatic time for the family, her husband was very distressed but he came across a notebook my sister kept in her dressing table drawer.

"She knew she didn't have very long to live and in the notebook she wrote about this and at the end had written that she would somehow let us all know that she was all right after her death.

"At her funeral a white feather somehow landed on her casket as it was being taken up the aisle of the church. It was big and fluffy. It stayed there throughout the ceremony and was still there at her graveside. As the casket was about to be lowered into the ground the feather got caught in a breeze and landed at her husband's feet.

"He smiled through his tears and said to me, 'She's letting us know she is okay.'

"Since then we have both found feathers in our homes and garden. I'm certain this is more than a simple coincidence."

~ Rosemary S.

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  1. It is a strange and amazing world we live in.

    1. Yes, it's an amazing place, dependent on how we look at life.

  2. nice collection esp white feather story. im doing okay thanks feeling better

    1. Thanks Tom glad you are feeling better. Take care.

  3. Wow, these stories are great. The white feather story is astounding. All the feather stories stagger the imagination.

    1. The feather stories always fascinate me. I'd almost doubt some of them if it wasn't for my own experiences.