Sunday, June 2

Making Fun And The Mocking Of Adolf Hitler

Funny Hitler poster

During the second world war one of the ways to lift the spirits of the British people was by making fun of Hitler, and turning him into a comical character - as per the above poster. It seems though that the world at large is still including the Fuhrer in their humour.

The latest was in the USA where a billboard in Culver City, California of  a kettle was likened to Hitler!

Kettle looks like Hitler

And, a while back, there was a house in Swansea, Wales said to look like the man himself.

House looks like Hitler

Maybe not over convincing but do you remember the cat who looked like Hitler?

Cat looks like Hitler

Hitler headshot Meow

Going back to World War II days there was a pincushion called appropriately Stick It To The Fuhrer and came with a warning: Not endorsed by Hitler.

Hitler pincushion

Humour - and a bit of extra money - seems to overcome most things.

Hitler War Bonds WW2

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  1. These are all funny! I can see how they would lift the spirits of the Brits during the war.

  2. funny stuff mike. like the war poster. would have made me smile.