Friday, July 5

12 Random Photos Of North Devon

Summer Lovin
Summer Lovin' street art - I liked the square to look thro' to see the river
Okay, I promise that I won't bore you with any more photos of my recent break in North Devon, er, other than with this post.

The photos are completely random, there's no particular message or subject matter.

Graffiti or Street Art at Bideford North Devom
More street art with that almost Illuminati eye
Chickens and Joy
Chickens! The angel's tummy says. 'Joy remains forever in the heart'
Wonky cottage door
A wonky cottage bedroom door
Pannier Market Barnstaple North Devon
The Pannier Market Barnstaple
Morris Dancers Barnstaple Devon North Devon
Traditional Morris dancers dancing in the street, also in Barnstaple
Morris dancers Devon
Music for dancers - you can also go to Barnstaple 'with flowers in your hair'
Father's Day presents
Father's Day: my son remembered - the beer is Cornish Blonde, she tasted good!
Good Woman Wanted
Sign on a fish van reads: 'Wanted Good Woman must be able to clean,
cook, sew, dig worms and clean fish. Must have boat and motor.
Please send picture of boat and motor'
The Crow and a Seagull
Seagull sitting on a wall with his friend the crow
Garden ornaments and sculptures
Strange sculptures in a pub garden in Lynton
Tawstock village Devon
Finally, the cottage where we stayed, taken on a dull day as we left for home
That's it, finally - honest! But a reminder of some of the other Devon Posts:
The Photo Of The Ghost Of Broomfield Cottage Tawstock
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  1. What? No more travel photos! Roll on your next holiday. Always enjoy your travel posts. You should .... no, I'd better not say it again.

    1. Thanks, but it's possible to overdo even good things.

  2. Love these! Keep posting on Devon, more Devon, yes, yes....

    1. We'll see what the future holds.

  3. Was it true that Julian Lennon's song
    'Now You're in Heaven' was originally named
    'Now You're in Devon',but he didn't think it would be as big of a hit if it was about Devon ?-)

    Which could explain the lyrics when you look at the pub that has the fatal charms...especially that big Monopoly iron if it fell on you,not to mention that big hand.-)

    Well you could be happy
    Ah happy in my arms
    Ah don't look distracted
    I'll use my fatal charms
    Well you could be happy
    But only with me
    If you come alive
    You can spend your life with me

    Well now you're in Devon

    Well you could be lovin'
    Ah lovin' in my arms
    It's after you're happy
    You need my lovin' charms
    Well you could be lovin'
    But only with me
    just take hold of my hand
    It's a trip in ecstasy

    Well now you're in Devon
    (Could be happy, could be lovin')
    Well now you're in Devon
    (You're in heaven, take hold of my hand)
    Well now you're in Devon
    You're in Devon with me

    Well now that you've loved me
    Been happy in my arms
    You don't look distracted
    You lust my subtle charms
    Well what do you think now, baby
    Do you like it with me
    Tell me what you think
    'Cause I wanna know
    Yes, I wanna know

    Well now you're in Devon
    (Could be happy, could be lovin')
    Well now you're in Devon
    (You're in heaven, take hold of my hand)
    Well now you're in Devon
    You're in Devon with me

    Repeat Chorus to fade

    1. Haven't heard this before. But there was a story in the paper where a man with his family was travelling to his holiday destination. As he drove he saw a sign and said, "We're in Devon now."

      His three year old daughter asked if she would see granddad soon - he had died recently and had gone to 'heaven'

  4. Here's a sync Mike,I was over at Lana Lokteff's Facebook page and there was a guy named Devon Sean Malone who had a song he wanted Lana to listen to called 'Jig-Saw' -

    I told him that it was funny that my friend Mike Perry had just posted a visual jig-saw about Devon.
    The funny thing is how your pictures seem to go with his lyrics.

    "Five severed fingers don't make a hand" ?

    "Doe eyed in the bright lights,too affraid to dip into a palette of possibility and mix things up".

    "She is unable to face her seasons,so she looks past them..." (Summer Lovin'hole in the wall?)

    "I've been able to pick out the frame,we can all pick out the frame..."

    "Five severed limbs don't make the body of a woman"

    "fathers who throw us up high,ready to catch us with outstretched arms."

    Take a listen.
    An uncanny sync,I think.

  5. Mike, such a visual treat really. Loved the window to the river; thought maybe there was a theme on wings, but no, it was chickens! Morris Dancers sounds so familiar... maybe from another blog reading. Oh yes, the seagull and the crow...what a shot! DO they model for the tourists??
    And my favorite seems to go to the cottage..anything set among the green of nature! Visual treat.

  6. Re: "Strange sculptures in a pub garden in Lynton"

    The latest book that I'm reading,
    'Awakening to the Spirit World",
    had a passage that made me recall the hand sculpture in the pub garden.

    "The metaphor I use in my teachings is that we are like fingers of a hand that have dropped to the floor and who think they have a life of their own.
    For our health and for that of the planet,we must once again remember
    (re-member/hand ?) that we are part of a collective energy field,not separate from it."

    Similar to the lyrics of
    Devon Sean Malone,where he sings about five severed fingers.
    Handy metaphors to re-member I think.-)

    1. Thanks Darren - wonder why in the photo there is a USA style girl standing on the hand.Interesting metaphors and could be applicable to USA the country.