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The Doppelgangers Who Perhaps Should Have Been Born As Twins

Doppelgangers Michelle and Tami
How would you feel if you actually met your doppelganger? Two people who can answer this are Michelle Robinson and Tami Carey.

Michelle met her doppelganger, Tami, when she started a new job in 2002. It took the two women a couple of weeks to fully accepted their likenesses but now they have a special relationship.

The two of them have so many likenesses as Tami Carey told the Daily Mail:

"We grew up minutes from one another in Southend-on-Sea, and my current home is five doors up from the house Michelle was born in. We both married and had children in our early 20s before getting divorced and becoming single mums.

"We both went on to find love again in our early 30s and we both have four children of similar ages.

"I suppose many people could say it was just a coincidence, but I always had a feeling there was more to it.

"If I'm honest, the whole thing freaked me out. It was uncanny to have randomly met this woman who had lived a practically identical life to me, but it made me feel very close to her. It felt like it was meant to me."

Michelle agrees with Tami about this:

"I felt I had known her all my life. There was this feeling of deja vu, a sense of overwhelming familiarity that I'd never experienced before with anyone. I have a half sister ... but feel much closer to Tami than her, it feels like I have two sisters."

As well as looking like twins the women have very similar tastes:

"Just last weekend we met for dinner wearing identical tops from the same shop, we'd bought separately that day. Last month we met up for dinner in coral tops and jeans. We wore the same dress to a party accidentally.

"As for our hair, it's not a conscious decision to have the same style. It's just the way we both wear it."

Sometimes it seems, even their partners can't tell them apart as Michelle explained:

"My fiancΓ© Nick used to teach at the same school where Tami and I still work and even he would get it wrong sometimes. He'd wander into the staffroom, glance at Tami and ask, 'What's for dinner tonight?' She'd reply, 'No idea, why don't you ask Michelle?' Even our children get us mixed up."

In the case of Michelle and Tami it does make you wonder if they should perhaps have been born as twins but something prevented this from happening - so instead they were destined to meet up later in life.

Stories of doppelgangers go back through history. The word from the German translates as 'double walker'. In Ancient Egyptian mythology, a ka was a tangible 'spirit double' having the same memories and feelings as the person to whom the counterpart belongs.

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  1. I wrote a post in January about two lady's who's books I have read and loved and I couldn't get over how much alike they looked.

    I met Ailsa in real life at the
    'Byron Bay Writer's Festival',
    which is where I bought her book.
    Her book was a wonderful book about walking the way to Santiago de Compostela,which is darkly synchronistic in light of what's happened today in Spain.

    1. Thanks for the link Darren - and that is definitely a dark synchro with Santiago de Compostela.

  2. This story is remarkable. It does seem to have a kind of cosmic design to it! off to check Daz's link.

    1. There does seem to be some sort of 'plan' or 'desugn' going on here.