Monday, August 5

The Amusing Synchronicity Of The Signs Of Coincidence

Funny road sign - When Flooded Turn Arounbd Don't Drown

A short coincidence story today via JC, who often finds some interesting bits and pieces for me.

"A few weeks ago I was looking through a copy of Reader's Digest while at my doctor's surgery. There was an amusing anecdote about a road sign someone had seen at the entrance to a small bridge. It read, 'If This Sign Is Under Water, This Bridge Is Impassable.'

"The following day I was looking round a used book store which I had never been inside previously. There was a small cardboard box full of old books on one of the tables and I had a rummage through them. The very first book I pulled out (published well over twenty years ago) was called "Funny Road Signs." On the cover was a cartoon illustration of the very same sign I had just read about in Reader's Digest the previous day!

"Before reading about it in Reader's Digest, I had never heard about that silly road sign before. Then I get hit with it twice in less than twenty four hours. What are the odds of that happening? It was totally weird.

After reading JC's email I looked around for a few other strange or funny signs, like the one at the top of this post. Some signs can seem to be somewhat confusing ...

Funny road sign - very confusing

But sometimes in the UK we go slightly over the top with our signs - there shouldn't be any doubts about the situation below.

Funny road sign

And sometimes we state the blatantly obvious.

Though this one must have any delivery drivers scratching their heads ...

Funny signs

The Australians sometimes add their humour to signs.

Funny signs

As do parts of the USA ...

Funny signs

It seems, however, that strange or funny signs are nothing new.

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  1. A good laugh to start my day! And what an odd synchro for JC!

  2. funny photos and a weird coincidence