Tuesday, September 3

76 And 67 Two Appearances In One Day

67 car registration number

I've written previously how the numbers 67 and 76 seem important in my life. I met Karin on the 7th of the 6th, my door number is 76 ... and there are dozens more besides which I won't bore you with.

Anyway, Karin and I were walking to our son's house to feed his cats while he and his family are away. We were talking about going on holiday and Karin said she wanted to lose three or four pounds before we went away. I said I didn't need to, being perfect ... it was meant to be funny but ...

... at that moment we walked past a small garage, a car pulled up and the driver jumped out to talk to someone. I immediately noticed the number plate: I67 FAT or maybe I, 67 FAT? Huh!

Same day I wanted the address to send something to the local council - and there it was PO Box 676 - so a 67 and a 76 in one hit!

The numbers occur over and over in my life.

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  1. Good ones, Mike! I especially like license plate synchros and this one is a doozy!

  2. Mike, I see many synchronicities, among them single numbers between 7, like 767 lately, and most consistently for months 44 and 2s. Today a fellow athlete wears the jersey 24467 - the day I find your blog.!