Saturday, September 14

The Visit Of A White Dove Following A Death

White dove drawing

The following story about a white dove seen following a relative's death was left as a comment on one of my other posts about white doves. I thought it may be of interest to general readers.

"My mother-in-law came to live with us in May 2013 when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. She passed away on 7/23/13.

"Every day since she passed, there is a white dove who comes at about 5:00 to 5:30 p.m. and lands on the neighbours roof, which overlooks the window of the bedroom where my mother-in-law passed. She leaves at about 7:30 every morning but is always there when I get home from work.

"This is still going on today, although I am a little nervous as 30 days could be significant? [This was written 30 days after the writer's mother-in-law died - Mike]

"This is especially odd as I live on a salt water canal and there are several ospreys (bird of prey, similar to a hawk) that live nearby.

"My wife is totally convinced that the bird is her mother's spirit and talks to it every day. I on the other hand am very skeptical of symbolism like this, but I do have to admit I am baffled that it is happening. My only problem with this is I am not sure how my wife will handle it when the dove doesn't return one day.

"Just thought I would share that with you and we will see what happens with the white dove!"

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  1. I think his wife is right, particularly in light of where they live and the regularity with which the dove visits.