Friday, September 13

The Incorruptible Body That Refuses To Decay Following Death

Riot in Nigeria

A story of a so called incorruptible.

Incorruptible body of Muhammadu Marwa
This is set in 1980 at the city of Kano in northern Nigeria. Followers of a heretic Muslim cult, led by a so called prophet, Muhammadu Marwa, also known as Maitatsine (which literally means The Owner of Curses) are reported to have caused a riot

Marwa had established his headquarters in Kano back in the 1960s and was said to have attracted over 10,000 followers. Tensions between his sect and the orthodox Muslims exploded into a riot in the December of 1980, during which over 5,000 people were killed, including Marwa himself.

Marwa was buried in a shallow grave but three weeks later the Governor decided that his body was to be exhumed and placed on ice at the city mortuary.

When he was exhumed rumour spread among the Kano population that Marwa's body was miraculously incorruptible, photo above - this is the phenomenon of dead bodies that do not decay.

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  1. Anonymous22:44

    I visited a small village in Umbria Italy where there are lots of undecayed bodies (mummies). Weird experience!
    They were buried in the local graveyard and exhumed centuries later. Still recognizable as individuals. Clothes mainly intact.A couple had been hanged as criminals and rope marks were clearly visible on the necks.
    Archaelogists said preservation was due to soil composition - nothing supernatural at all!