Monday, October 21

The Elvis Movie Coincidence

Elvis Presley with Mary Tyler Moore and Lorena Kirk in Change of Habit
I discovered this Elvis Presley coincidence following my recent post Teen And Toddler Elvis Presley Photos And His School Report Card Coincidence.

Elvis' final movie, his 31st, was Change of Habit. In this his role was that of Dr John Carpenter.

In 1979, two years following his death, it was John Carpenter who directed the made for television movie, Elvis, starring Kurt Russell and which was nominated three Emmy Awards.

It's interesting that Kurt Russell's film career began at the age of eleven in an uncredited part in Elvis Presley's movie It Happened at the World's Fair. And, according to Wkipedia, 'Russell starred as an Elvis impersonator in 3000 Miles to Graceland and provided the voice of Elvis for a scene in Forrest Gump. I also see that Bing Russell, who played Vernon Presley in Elvis, is Kurt Russell's real father.

It's a pity Elvis didn't heed the signs in the movie Change of Habit. As Dr John Carpenter he cautioned his three assistants to take minimal amounts of medication on house calls. He also made frequent references to the abuse of drugs by his patients.

But Elvis was on a downward path.

In the movie he sings:

"A change of habit, a change of outlook
A change of heart, you'll be all right
The halls of darkness
Have doors that open
It's never too late" 

But it was too late for Elvis!

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  1. Great research and an intriguing synchro. I didn't realiz e Elvis had played Carpenter!It's also something of a synchro for me, since our post today also relates to a movie.

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