15 August, 2013

At Long Last I Get Photographed Next To Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley with Mike Perry

We went to the Hall for Cornwall (a theatre) last Friday to see a musical Dreamboats and Petticoats. This features music from the late 50s and the 60s, As it's a bit of a passion of mine my son and daughter-in-law had booked the tickets for me as a present.

Dreamboats and Petticoats

Karin and I enjoyed the show and afterwards got talking about such music and inevitably I mentioned Elvis Presley. I rambled on a bit, as I sometimes do, and said how, when Elvis was alive, on my list of the things I wanted to do, was to be photographed with him. Not terribly likely at the time as I live in England and his only visit to the UK was a quick stopover at Prestwick Airport in Scotland during his army days.

The ambition was therefore never ticked off on my list.

On the Saturday, after the theatre, I was writing a post for this blog and wanted to find a suitable picture. I searched Google Images for 'classic coincidences' - as I scrolled down the page I found me and Elvis next to each other! I took a page grab, as at the top of this post.

So I was sort of photographed next to him. I guess, in the circumstances, it was the best the universe could do for me!

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  1. That's a good one Mike. Hope you behaved yourself and wasn't dancing in the aisles!

    1. Was well behaved - but did stand up a couple of times during the show - when everyone else did, of course!

  2. I've got to say the first thing I saw when I enlarged the screen grab was what looked like a very bad Freudian sync slip from your unconscious...or maybe Jungian slip would be a better term ?
    What I saw was a red circle not only around you and Elvis,but around two assassinated Presidents (their head wounds ?)and one current living President.Under the living President is an arrow pointing to his picture with the words "Into the Darkness".
    Is this a message from your subconscious to say there could be a third assassination soon ?
    Let's hope this is nothing,but it does seem a rather creepy sync to me.

    1. Just checked Google Images again for 'Classis Coincidences' - and me and Elvis are no longer there - thought the Presidents remain. Hope you are wrong!!

  3. Love the Elvis synchro! And hope you're wrong about the other thing, Daz!!

  4. Me too,but I thought I would point it out,as it is a weird grouping to pick out accidentally.

    1. Can anything be picked out 'accidentally'?

    2. I would have liked to know more about the surrounding photos ringed as well,like what is written above Obama,the book that is above Elvis,the card to the side of your head and the book titles above your head,but I can't make any of those things out with the the screenshot.
      All of those things may change the context of the message...or reinforce it.
      I guess only time will tell if it was a prophetic message,or not ?
      Let's hope not,but what will be will be.

  5. I'm tired tonight and probably would have just smiled at your picture with Elvis, but Daz's comments made me look closer. Nothing about the surrounding pictures struck me as interesting but then I took a closer look at you and Elvis.

    Did anyone ever tell you you looked like him? You do to me. The forehead, nose, chin, shape of your faces. I prefer your smile and can't tell about the eyes-brows, but if he had aged gracefully he'd probably look a lot like you. :D

    1. Thanks! That made me smile, flattery will get you everywhere. I must admit that years ago, when such things mattered, if I could have chosen how I looked it would to have been like a young Elvis!