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The Ghost Of Her Grandpa Rescued Her And Then Said A Final Goodbye

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I seem to be on a ghostly theme recently and this continues today with a touching story from Lulu James about seeing her grandpa for the final time.

"When I was about eight years old my grandpa was very sick and was sent to hospital by ambulance. I was very close to him as my dad had moved out when I was a baby. Grandpa had helped bring me up.

That night as I lay in bed I couldn't sleep as I was so worried about him. I heard a strange banging noise coming from under my bed but, probably like any kid, I tried to ignore it by covering my head with the blankets.

I must have finally fallen asleep because I had a dream where I felt I was drowning. The only thing I could see while I was drowning was a figure coming from the sky. It got closer and closer and it gradually looked more and more like my grandpa. He picked me up and lifted me out of the water and told me to be strong. I didn't understand what he was talking about. He also said I must help to take care of my mom and other family members.

I woke up suddenly in fright, not knowing what was going on or where I was. I looked to the other side of the bed and there was my grandpa smiling at me and gently stroking my hair. He kissed me goodnight and softly said how much he loves me. He then faded away.

I must have drifted off to sleep again.

Early that morning, my mom was crying and told me grandpa had died that night at 11.45 pm.

I look back now in fondness of the last time I saw grandpa, he was a lovely, loving man. I now have children of my own but I'll never forget that night when, as a child, grandpa paid me a special, final visit."

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  1. like these stories starting to give me faith