Friday, October 11

White Feather Meaning: As Messages From The Deceased

More experiences today of white feathers being found following the death of a loved one. Most of the writers wish to remain anonymous but that shouldn't in any way downgrade the stories as they are all true. Kenny, in the final story, has also been finding hairs since the loss of his girlfriend.

This happened to my daughter recently whose best friend has just died aged 39, leaving five children.

She was walking down the road and there was a path of feathers at each side of her. A friend was with her and they could not believe it. Her friend left her and went in another direction and she didn't see any more feathers. But my daughter continued to be 'walking along a path of feathers'. These were not one or two feathers but a path of feathers at either side of her.

RIP Belinda - thank you for letting us know you are okay xx

I also believe that white feathers come to comfort us.

After my brave little nephew died, my garden was awash with pure white feathers. My mother kept finding them independently too.

With the understanding of the 'spooky' values of quantum physics there is a new understanding of the existence and importance of the soul. We can dream of what lies beyond.

Love and gratitude.

~ Gabby Davey

My mum died on 1st Feb 2013. In the days after her death I asked her for a sign that she was okay. That evening in the middle of the night my 14 month old son's DVD player came on in his room. He was fast asleep in his cot and my husband and I couldn't find any reason for this.

I was sure this was my sign and was telling a friend the next day when she said, 'Normally the sign is a white feather isn't it?". I didn't think much of it.

A couple of days before the funeral I was talking to my dad on the phone, looking out of the kitchen window at the falling snow, when I spotted a white feather fall from the sky and land on the grass. I walked out and picked it up. I still have it.

Thank you mum.

I've got a few white feathers. Had a few fall on the car too when in slow moving traffic recently. Now I've started finding hairs on my person, the same length and colour as my girlfriend, who passed a week before Christmas.

Anyone else heard of finding hairs? I had two in the last week. All of the clothing and bedding I have been in contact with have been washed on numerous occasions. I have no explanation for this other than spirit?

~ Kenny

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  1. Mike,you can see an interview that aired on a national Australian network where Hanabeth Luke talks about the Bali bombing and their prophetic dreams a few days before it happened in real life at this link,but it will only be available for a couple of days…so hurry.