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The Magical Web Of Wyrd

Web of Wyrd
The Web of Wyrd by Diana Haronis
I was reading a book called The Book Of English Magic and came upon the expression The Web of Wyrd.

King Alfred the Great is quoted as saying in 888: "What we call Wyrd is really the work of God about which He is busy every day."

Wyrd is Anglo-Saxon and is usually translated as either fate or destiny but, according to the book I mentioned, it literally means 'that which has turned' or 'that which has become.' The idea this suggests is something that those of us into synchronicity and the like will have heard about.

In the Web of Wyrd everything is connected as in a giant, three dimensional spider's web. A real magician works on this assumption and so believes he can influence this web and can reap benefits from being part of this.

Regarding Wyrd and magic I'll quote from the book:

"A basic premise of the magical world-view is that most people go through life oblivious of the magic that is all around them, like the Muggles of JK Rowling's Harry Potter stories.

Learning magic involved developing a curiosity about the world - particularly about nature and about history - so that its secrets can be revealed in all their wonder.

Like an alchemist finding gold, Tolkien discovered in the Dark Ages a treasure trove of material that revealed the romantic and evocative power of the English imagination of that age, with its rune-masters and warlocks, dragons, elves and orcs, land wights and hedge-riders."

In other words we have to notice and become aware of the magic that surrounds us and respect what has gone before.

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  1. Love the expression.Rowling really did tap into something with the harry potter books and the entire world she created.

  2. JK must have known quite a lot about magic and the like before writing those books.