Sunday, November 10

Making Memories Of Us And A Message From His Deceased Wife

Little bird in a tree

A touching story for a Sunday from a 67 Not Out reader. No white dove or white feathers this time, but a little bird instead.

"A few weeks ago, I was at the cemetery where my wife is buried. I bought new flowers for her grave, put some elbow grease into cleaning off her marker.

I played 'our wedding song', Making Memories Of Us by Keith Urban afterwards, on my tablet at her graveside. I told her this is for you baby.

A short few minutes later in the tree beside her grave, a little bird of some kind started singing, then it left. To me this was a sign from God and my wife Robin, that she was 'pleased'."

And here's a video of that song by Keith Urban ...

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1 comment:

  1. Beautiful story! Birds, it seems, are often messengers between the living and the dead.