Tuesday, November 19

The Meeting Up In India And Thailand Coincidence

McCleod Ganj, India
A coincidence story today that was sent to me. It's short but what are the odds of this happening? Pretty high, I'd guess.

"I met a fellow in McCleod Ganj in northern India. He was from the UK and we met while attending the Dalai Lama's headquarters. We ended up chatting for hours later in a coffee shop but I never took his details.

Two years later, I am in Bangkok (Thailand) and am wandering around the incredibly crowded streets, trying to buy a present for my son. I know the city fairly well, so wasn't concentrating too much on my whereabouts, plus I had earphones on listening to music.

Bangkok, Thailand -Image: Kevin Poh
I suddenly became aware that I had walked in a circle and was back where I started! At that moment, the same English guy walks up with no surprise on his face and says, "Hello, you look well." I barely started to talk and he was off again!!

The odds of meeting at that instant, in a different country, and in the maze that is Bangkok - amazing."

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  1. They say the world is a small place and it's true! I remember moving into an apartment in South Africa years ago and finding out my new neighbour was the brother of an old schoolfriend of mine who lived two streets away from me in the UK.

  2. Terrific story and amazing odds! I like Chris's synchro too.