Thursday, November 14

The Scary Smoke Monster Made His Girlfriend Leave Home

Lost smoke monster
Lost smoke monster
This is a story / experience I received from evil betty following my post The Shadow People Who Stalk Our World. I don't know what you'll make of it - but I publish stories in good faith and trust that writers aren't pulling my cordwangle!

"I think I have actually communicated with a shadow person. I didn't know of this phenomenon until reading this [my post]. I thought my experience was too movie-like and unbelievable. The term shadow person never occurred to me because it was more of a dark cloud with cloud tentacles, sort of like the Lost monster (which really freaked me out at first).

One night I was staying at my girlfriend's house, sleeping on her water bed. We were both interested in astral projection / out of body stuff. As I lay there I began to relax and slowly go through exercises that help you have an out of body experience, when I am roughly pulled from my body and into the hallway.

I look to the end of the hallway, where the den is supposed to be. It takes me a few seconds to understand that I'm not seeing the den. I'm seeing what looks like a dark cloud with cloudy tentacles filling the entrance to the den. I thought to myself, 'Ok,' and then, 'Well what are you?'

The next thing I experience is so overwhelming its hard to describe. First there was the sense of someone standing very close and breathing on me. Then there was instant suffocating terror. I felt like I could hear talking or whispering coupled with a rush of imagery.

I'm gone. I have almost no sense of self and all I can do is hold on and take in information.

It said, not in words, that it made the darkness and was made of darkness. It showed me a decaying cat and said that it was between it and the ground. It showed me the space behind a fridge and a crawl space under a house. It showed me moments of looking into the house at night, watching myself with my girlfriend and her friends, like it had been watching us and wanted me to know.

In between these images, it kept showing me images of the bog behind the house with a dark creeping fog that kept reaching for the house my girl lived in. This made me think that the bog was it's source or where it lived.

Then it conveyed that it had more important knowledge to give to me and I basically freaked out at this point. I thought about my body and about being conscious and walking around. I felt a rush and suddenly I'm back in my body and my eyes are open. I'm laying on my back fully conscious starring at the same dark cloudy stuff undulating on the ceiling.

I elbowed my girlfriend, trying to wake her up I thought, 'Please go away, please go away, please go away!' Then I heard her say, 'What is that?'

She could see it on the ceiling. Then she freaks out and we got up and left. She basically stayed at my house until her lease was up. She would go there, and stay from time to time, and she said as long as I wasn't there she slept fine and there was nothing weird. But as soon as I set foot in there the air would become electric.

I could feel it. Every time I entered this place it felt like walking into a room full of people that are starring at you - when you thought the room was empty. This was not the only thing to happen to me at this house, just the scariest!"

So, there we go.

And here's a YouTube song about a cordwangle that has absolutely nothing to do with the above story - but it might make you smile, or maybe not.

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  1. Suzie09:10

    Not too sure about the smoke monster but Kenneth Williams made me laugh!

  2. Kenneth Williams, just brilliant!! Smoky monster? hmmmmm

  3. smoky monster might be stretching things a but but like other comments kenneth williams is great from round the horn i remember

  4. I read a article under the same title some time ago, but this articles quality is much, much better. How you do this.. creepy news stories