Wednesday, December 4

The Google+ Comment Coincidence

Google+ comment coincidence

A short coincidence story today but what are the odds of this happening. I had the above comment left on my Google+ page by Chris Catt - and that's the coincidence.

I'll write the comment out again just in case you are reading this on a mobile / cell phone and it's not too clear:

"Hi Mike, not sure how to contact you to let you know but will try through here. I came across your list of 10 coincidences, whilst at work in a call centre. After telling a friend about your experiences I took a call - if I could screenshot I would have but can't due to date protection but the caller who came through to speak about their policy was called ... yes ... Michael Perry, thought it was just far too a coincidence."

Sometimes the simple coincidences or synchronicities are the best! Oh, and just in case you might not know my name is Michael Perry.

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  1. Good one! Name coincidences are always intriguing...

  2. I've noticed you share a variety of things on Google+ so this coincidence must mean it's good that you are doing so. :D