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80 Percent Of Elderly People Have Ghostly Visions Of Their Deceased Partner

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Those ghostly visions, which some bereaved people experience shortly after their loss, are simply hallucinations. Well that's what scientists would have us believe.

I came across a study on this subject headed by Agneta Grimby of the University of Goteborg, Sweden. One of the things that struck me was how common these 'hallucinations' actually are.

The study found that over 80 percent of elderly people experience hallucinations associated with their dead partner one month after bereavement. These ghostly visions are very vivid. Almost 'a third of the people reported that they spoke in response to their experiences. In other words, these weren’t just peripheral illusions: they could evoke the very essence of the deceased.'

The researchers added that these 'ghostly' visits were said by the recipients to be a 'helpful and comforting experience.'

It's interesting that the Scientific American summed the subject up by saying:

"We often fall back on the cultural catch all of the 'ghost' while the reality is, in many ways, more profound. Our perception is so tuned to their presence that when they are not there to fill that gap, we unconsciously try to mold the world into what we have lived with for so long and so badly long for. Even reality is no match for our love."

So looks like - according to the scientists - we don't live on after death and therefore obviously can't communicate with loved ones who have died. But how can they explain things such as:

From Angeladtao: "I was talking to a man who had lost his son in Iraq today. His wife had seen the son after death as a warm, concrete presence who reassured her that he was happy and well. They are both atheists, so there was no complicating factors about religious beliefs here. I have heard other similar experiences."

He goes on to tell of his theory:

"My view is that our bodies, if you go down to the molecular levels, are made of atoms which, in turn, are made of energy. Therefore, we are essentially beings of energy. Mass is a relative term when you look at it that way. Our skin is made of atoms (thus, energy) which, for some reason unknown to me, manages to contain our atoms within it in a human shape.

Our thoughts are energy generated from atoms in the neural pathways. Why is it that when our life ceases, this unknown force that contains our atoms in its human shape fails to continue to do so? That is a question for another day. Yet, the energy that composes us is never lost, and its mass is still present in our universe (E=MC2). I think that there is another force/power/influence that allows us to maintain our human shape when alive that withdraws at death. However, the energy pattern of our consciousness is still present.

My explanation (and it is, of course, only a suggestion) is that our 'personalities' or 'souls' are still very close to the state of being that it was just a part of and can pull together enough atoms to re-make a temporary body for just a fleeting moment when they sense the strength of grief of a loved one (more energy). What happens after that, I leave to others."

Here's another example:

"During the Second World War my granny woke my father in the middle of the night convinced that another of her sons, Stanley, had just been fatally wounded and was calling to her for water.

My father was able to reassure her that her son, and his brother was thousands of miles from the war front convalescing in hospital after an earlier, non-life-threatening wound.

However, granny, usually a very strong character, was inconsolable and convinced she had received a communication from her dying son.

In actual fact my Uncle Stanley died that very night of a wound received at the Battle of Knightsbridge. Unbeknown to his family he had recovered from his previous injury and returned to his unit, and died that night in a German field hospital of blood loss - and hence in great thirst."

It's up to us as to what we believe or want to believe. I personally believe we live on after death.

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  1. After my dad died, my mum said she saw him often sat on the edge of the bed at night time. She said "Dad just wanted me to say goodnight to him every night" She did this right up till her own death many years later. I believe it too and try and do the same to both parents even now.

    1. I still thank my parents most nights. I'd like to think that they know I'm thinking of them.

  2. dunno about living on after death, but after my mother died (I was 31 at the time) she appeared to me a few times, at night, in my dreams, until such time as we 'sat down' and talked, about a lot of things, and we said our goodbye's, then it stopped... to me it felt that we both just had unsaid things to take care of and then we were both 'at rest'.

    1. Dreams do seem to be a form of contact. There are things, even now, I'd like to say to my parents.

  3. Suzie14:46

    After my grandfather died I could often smell his tobacco (I remember you writing that this had happened to you as well) and just before he died he spoke as if my grandmother was with him, at the time we put it down to memory confusion. Now I'm not so sure.

    1. I had that with my dad. Nobody else smokes in our house but I could smell his tobacco after he had died.

  4. Great post, Mike. Science really falls short in this area. I've seen both of my parents. Real, not hallucination.

    1. Karin saw two people after they had died and describes them as being very real. I haven't seen anyone myself though.

    2. Anonymous18:22

      Gramps despised granny so this article likely explains those episodes when he grabs his pistol and starts shooting. I patch the holes in the wall often. I am unable to find where he stores his ammo.

  5. Really enjoyed this article. I can see both sides - the spiritual and the scientific. Interesting and fascinating. Thank you!

    1. me, too. i am very scientific, except for my spirituality, which only goes by emotions and feelings. Some of the experiences listed here can definitely be explained, while others may not be. i had someone very close 'go away' and he came to me twice - not as a 'ghost' but a feeling in my body - it was not my imagination because i never heard of anyone else having this happen and it came out of no where and i did feel it. (i'm not going to say what it was, so that if it happens to other people, it can't be said it's because they heard about it.) the second time it felt as if he wanted to be with me, but was told not to do that again - really, it did feel that way and was a very quick, small feeling - a bit funny actually, and not like before. Also, once in a while my grandmother would see shadows before someone she knew died. who really knows for sure. . . all i know is, i really don't get 'death' - the spirit/energy has to go somewhere - how can it just disappear?

    2. I don't think it can disappear, it simply moves on but I couldn't say for sure where it actually goes. Thank you for all of your comments they are very interesting,