Saturday, January 4

The White Dove Who Brought Peace To Her Son's Funeral

White Dove

A very touching story today from Melinda Miranda about how a white dove brought peace to her son's funeral and what the sighting means to her.

"I lost my 25 year old son to a sudden accident on his job 3 months ago. I was supposed to visit him and he passed away just ten days prior to my visit.

There was a lot of bickering at his burial as my ex husband can't let go of certain issues that were caused through our divorce many years ago. Suddenly, as 'our wedding song' played at the cemetery, a white dove appeared out of nowhere and circled above us throughout the entire song. Then there was peace.

This dove appeared to me and my daughter again two months later on Thanksgiving Day and once more when we returned back home almost three months since my son left the earth.

I REALLY believe this is his spirit letting us know he is okay and at peace and also that he wants us all to be in peace with one another. I wait to see that lovely white dove when I am feeling down and see it as a sign that my son is with me!"

~ Melinda Miranda

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  1. Great post and it rings true 100% for me.
    The lesson here from above is living is hard,dying is easy.
    Not to say the death of a loved one is easy,because it's not,no matter what your philosophy on life is.
    At some funerals I have been to I have experienced the most profound peace I have ever felt in my lifetime as if the departed person was channeling the feeling of the other side to me and saying don't take it all so seriously,and swallow your pride a bit and don't let the ego drag you down into other people's egotistical games and dramas.Look beyond the selfish dramas of life and rise above it.I often wonder why relatives and spouses fight so much among each other,but not being immune to it myself I would have to say it's because of misunderstandings,selfishness (yes we are all guilty of it to degrees) and the refusal to apologize when we are wrong,or have misunderstood the other person.
    To me this is the message of the dove and the departed spirit of Melinda's son.I think we all need to to remember this lesson when the great flying elephant of life seems to be dropping it's load on top of us.

    1. Thanks for you interesting comment, Darren. I know what you mean about peace at funerals - but I've mostly put this down to the solemn occasion. I've never felt any conflict at funerals.
      I try not to have any conflict in my life nowadays, life's too short and like attracts like.
      Like the expression of the great flying elephant of life !

  2. A beautiful story! Doves and white feathers really seem to be a form of spirit communication!

    1. Sometimes I get stories and wonder if they are completely true but this one feels right.

    2. It has the ring of truth to it!