Tuesday, March 4

The Answer To Overcome Being Stressed

Apple pie with custard

Apple pie and custard, one of my all time favourite desserts. I can picture it now and it almost gives me a lift - and then I realised that DESSERTS is STRESSED backwards.

So it seems obvious: the answer, when you are feeling stressed, is to take a look at the desserts menu. Well, it makes me feel better anyway.

Or maybe a cheesecake with a cherry topping would do the trick. Either way, it's no coincidence that if you turn round stressed, desserts is the answer.

Cheesecake with cherry topping

Well it's worth a try!

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  1. Suzie09:39

    I think my weight would shoot up if I ate a dessert every time I was stressed. My solution has always been chocolate.

    1. I remember reading once about how chocolate is preferable to a man (from a woman's point of view!). I think there are about 10 or 20 funny reasons.

  2. You're my hero, now I no longer need to justify dessert!!!!!

  3. Thanks! As it's Shrove Tuesday I've just had a pancake with red cherries and icecream - feeling quite calm and happy about life!

  4. Chocolate chip cookies here I come!

    1. If we are talking cookies (biscuits) it's got to be chocolate digestives for me.