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The Billionaire And The Indian Empress In Malta Coincidences

Indian Empress in Malta

As I mentioned in yesterday's post we saw a billionaire's boat, Indian Empress, leave the quay-side while in Malta. That's the boat above with Malta's capital Valletta in the background. There was just the two of us watching because of the 'inside' information from that fisherman who went to Heaven. (Click on photos to make them bigger).

Indian Empress boat

The Indian Empress is owned by the business man Vijay Mallya, who is said to be India's version of UK's Richard Branson. He bought the boat from the Qatari Royal Family for something like $93 million.

According to Wikipedia Vijay Mallya "... also owns the Formula One GP racing team Sahara Force India. His companies own Indian Premier League team Bangalore Royal Challengers, the I-League teams Mohun Bagan A.C. and East Bengal F.C."

The boat was off to the Monaco Grand Prix.

Indian Empress boat Manoel Island, Malta

Now there was a bit of a coincidence or synchronicity about this, which will follow towards the end of this post.

$93 million boat Indian Empress

I snapped photos of some of the lucky passengers. I don't know who they are, perhaps they are the daughters or relatives of Vijay Mallya. Maybe someone reading this will know,

On board Indian Empress

As I said, Karin and I were the only people watching the boat leave for Monaco. The girls in the photos waved and smiled at us as they left and knew I was taking photos of them.

On board in Malta

I clicked quite a few photos in total and Karin said this must be what it is like being part of the paparazzi - I mention this because of another small coincidence.

On board Indian Empress in Malta

Indian Empress guests

After watching the boat leave Manoel Island I said I could do with a coffee. We stopped at the only cafe / restaurant on the island (photo below). As I sat down I noticed it was called Paparazzi - first coincidence.

Paparazzi, Manoel Island, Sliema, Malta

On leaving the Paparazzi we crossed the bridge, turned right and walked along by the main harbour. On the first seat there was a hat someone must have left behind. And on the hat was a badge for the Grand Prix, Monaco, which was where the Indian Empress was headed - second coincidence.

Grand Prix Monaco hat

As we continued walking we started talking about my dad, Karin had quite a bond with him as well. At that moment we passed a parked coach. "Look at that," I said. The coach name read Arthur & John's - which just happened to be my dad's name: Arthur John Perry. Synchronicity and coincidence sometimes come in threes!

Arthur & John's coach, Malta

Photos: © Mike Perry

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  1. Great trio of synchros here! From the boat to the bus, with that hat just resting there, waiting for you to notice it.

  2. Suzie16:35

    You must have been well tuned in on that day, and love the boat / ship. It's a different world to the one I live in.

    1. The boat / ship is amazing, supposedly has 16 guest staterooms, as you say another world.