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The Maltese Fisherman Who Visited Heaven

The fisherman who went to heaven
The fisherman who says he has been to Heaven, next to the $93 million boat
The universe sometimes works in mysterious ways. While in Malta I started to read a book called Proof of Heaven by Dr Eben Alexander. I only got through a few pages but remembered some of the Near Death Experiences I have mentioned on this blog and seen elsewhere.

The next morning Karin and I went for a walk around the big harbour in Sliema. In the middle there is an island, Manoel, now joined to the shore by a road. Along one side there are some enormous private boats moored - some costing millions.

We walked to the far end of the island looking at - and envying - the boats, many registered in the British Cayman Islands for the benefits that brings.

Sitting at the far quayside was a man fishing. Karin asked if she could look at what he had caught. I joined her and the fisherman told us they were parrot fish which he would be taking home to his wife. We chatted about the big boats. He was a bit of a philosopher as he went on to say that the owners still had all the problems that the rest of us have.

It was then that he looked at me and said, "I have been to Heaven."

No idea why he said this, as it was way different to what we had been talking about. I, of course, wanted some more information on what he had said. So I asked him how and why he'd been to Heaven.

I never got his name, just his photo above, but he told us of how he had had a severe heart attack. His wife rang for an ambulance and he remembers being very scared and saying over and over, "Please God, help me, please God help me."

He was rushed to hospital and it was then that he 'went to Heaven.' What he described was a little different from many other stories.

He found himself on a beach with very fine sand and all of his fears had diminished. He felt at peace but what he remembers most was the colour blue. As he looked upwards there was a blue, the like of which he had never seen before or seen since.

I asked him if it was anything like the blue sky above us in Malta but, no, it wasn't. He couldn't put the colour into words.

He then saw a group of people standing nearby. He didn't know any of them but they told him he had to go back, this wasn't his time.

The next instant he was back on his hospital bed again and in great pain again moaning, "Please God help me."

He remained in hospital for surgery and his wife told him that the doctors had explained to her that he had died - at the time he had found himself in Heaven.

Maybe this isn't as detailed as other Near Death Experiences but I found it convincing and what amazed me was why he even mentioned it to me - synchronicity?

The $93 million boat
The boat that cost $93 million
As for the boats the one next to the fisherman in the photo is something special. It belongs to a billionaire and I've found out since on Google that is was bought by the owner for $93 million!

The fisherman told us he had heard that the boat was leaving for Monte Carlo at 3 pm that day. So Karin and I returned and took some photos as the boat left the quayside. Just us there to wave it goodbye! More on this another day.

Photos: © Mike Perry

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  1. Well, really, it makes sense this guy told you, Mike Perry, about his experience i heaven, because at some level he knew you write about synchronicity and all this weird stuff no one else talks about.How very wonderful and I cant wait to read the next post about this Malta trip.

    1. Yes, we are all linked together. It's still a surprise though when anyone says something you don't expect.

  2. Suzie14:33

    People don't tell me things like that, was odd that he told you. That appears to be a v special boat, look forward to seeing more photos.

    1. Definitely a 'v special boat' - more photos to follow!

  3. Re: "He felt at peace but what he remembers most was the colour blue."
    I can't say that I've visited heaven in this lifetime,but I have always been drawn to neon blue crosses and blue crosses in general,as to me this is the most spiritual spectrum of light besides pure light light (which is all colours in one anyway).
    And on another note,I saw the new Hugo Weaving movie "Healing" today and absolutely loved it,and guess the name of the character Hugo plays in the movie ?
    M(att) PERRY.
    Here's a link to the trailer -

  4. ^^ That should read pure white light above instead of pure light light.I guess I'm just not too bright when it comes to writing about light .-)

    1. Thanks Darren and for mentioning this post on your blog. I'm sure that I have read other NDEs that have talked about the colour blue and I remember one which said that 'God' was a blue colour or light.

  5. Anonymous00:23

    I was there in the end of March and had taken some photos of Indian Empress as well :) Lucyna