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Orbs: Paranormal Or A Digital Camera Reflection

Orbs at St Cubys Church Tregony, Cornwall
Orbs - A digital camera anomaly or something paranormal?
After taking several hundred photos while on my holiday trip to Malta I got to thinking about orbs. I usually capture a few amongst my pictures or even a ghost! This time though nothing unusual or out of this world.

Ghost of Broomfield Cottage
The Ghost Photo of  Broomfield Cottage - see here
Of course many will say that the likes of orbs or globes are down to the digital cameras we now use. The usual explanation is that orbs are caused by light bouncing back from a shiny or reflective surface, which the human eye doesn't notice. And yet, there does seem to be true orbs caught on camera - but what are they?

Reading opinions of paranormal orbs they seem to fall into several categories. You take your pick as to which one might be true. Here are five popular suggestions:
  1. Orbs are the souls of spirits manifesting as a circle or ball of energy.

  2. They are energy emitted by objects and/or people which a spirit can then use for its own energy.

  3. Orbs are similar to ghosts in that they are energy from a past event that has somehow been captured within the atmosphere of a place or building. The stronger the emotional event, the brighter the orb. A bitter conflict would register high on such a scale.

  4. Orbs are a method by which spirits make themselves known.

  5. They are viewing instruments for spirits in another dimension.
There is another alternative mentioned by the writer Theresa Cheung:

"The theory goes along the lines of orbs being natural energy structures that are a normal part of the physical world but have gone undetected until recently. The orb is an electrical object - a plasma - which for some reason holds together in a spherical shape, so is considered a stable plasma ; something which physics cannot reproduce of explain."

I guess we all believe in want we want to believe.

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