Wednesday, July 9

Smile - It's 11:11 And The Cellular Memory Banks Are Open


Much has been written on the Internet about seeing the numbers 11:11, I've even published a small post on 11:11 myself. But what do the numbers really signify?

On Uri Geller's website, for example, he tells of how:

"For many years the numbers 11:11 have been mysteriously appearing to people all over the world. Often appearing on digital clocks, the sightings of 11:11 tend to occur during times of heightened awareness, having a most powerful effect on the people involved. This causes a reactivation of our cellular memory banks."

He goes on to explain:

"11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed into our cellular memory banks prior to our descent into matter which, when activated, signifies that our time of completion is near. This refers to the completion of duality. When the 11:11 appears to you, it is your wake-up call. A direct channel opens up between you and the Invisible. When this happens, it is time to reflect on whatever you are doing for a moment and Look Larger."

I'm writing about this because I have been noticing the numbers 11:11 - especially yesterday.

I was wondering, therefore, if perhaps I'd suddenly got 'heightened awareness' without realising. Or maybe I could cash in on my 'cellular memory banks' that Uri talks about.

Yesterday started quite normally. I'd been out in the morning and as I walked into our kitchen, the cooker clock clearly indicated it was 11:11, and at that precise moment our land line rang ... eerie or what?

"Hello," I answered with expectancy in my voice.

"I'd like to tell you about solar panels," came the message - ahhhhh! A sales call, and I clicked to end the conversation..

Later that day I went to the drawer in the cabinet next to my side of the bed. In there are, well all sorts of things I call interesting and my wife calls junk. But she's not always right, for there was one of my watches. I idly picked it up and noticed the time. It had stopped at 11:11. I needed a new battery - for the watch, that is - but my senses felt definitely heightened.

That evening before going to bed there was something I wanted to check on my computer, so I switched on and noticed the time was 11:11 and blow me down if the phone didn't ring again! I was in a state of readiness as a shiver shivered it's way down my spine.

I picked up the extension phone in my office, "Hello, is that Mr.Perry?" said an Asian voice - another b****y intrusive call and at this time at night! Don't they have clocks in India or Pakistan from where these calls originate? I must admit to being a little rude to the gentleman as he tried, in broken English, to tell me there was a fault with my computer.

In the clear light of a non 11:11 day I was wondering about the 11:11's of yesterday. I read some advice on the Third Eye Activation website. It said:

"Some general advice for working with the 11:11 vibration would be that when you notice it (11:11) take note of what you are thinking and/or doing at that precise time or at least relatively close to it. Monitoring the number and being aware of your doings will ensure your own interpretation of its symbolism."

My interpretation, based on yesterday only, is that I reckon someone up there is having a smile at my expense.

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  1. I'm always a little freaked out when I experience the 11.11, but found 3.33 to have more 'meaning' as I always recognize something out of the ordinary happening in my life...

  2. I think any number can form a cluster. But 11:11 certainly seems to be the one that apparently happenso the most people