Monday, August 4

A Mug Bites The Dust Coincidence

England mug

I mentioned in a previous post about how Karin buys me an England mug when there is a soccer World Cup, every four years. Well my 2014 mug got broken - no blame attached anywhere!

It was a pity, as I liked drinking my tea from that particular mug. I do feel that the inside of a mug has to be white to get the best tasting cuppa.

I presumed that was it, another mug bites the dust and all that, after all I have got others in the kitchen cupboard.

Anyway, it was my birthday on the 23rd of July and Karin bought me an item of clothing from a local shop as a present. When I looked at it, it was the wrong size - and no, I haven't put weight on or anything like that!

Karin returned the item to the shop to exchange it for my size, but they didn't have the exact same garment. There was one very similar so she said she would have that instead. All well and good, but the replacement was £1 less than the original.

Karin said, "Fine, keep the £1 and put it in a charity box or something." But life isn't that simple in retailing. "That can't be done, madam. We have to issue you with a credit note which you can then use to buy the new item."

"And the £1?"

"Ah, erm, perhaps you would like an England mug to make up the difference. They are now in the sale at the reduced price of only £1, previously £3."

"Perfect!" said Karin.

And that's how the universe managed to get me a new England mug - with white innards - via synchronicity, coincidence or whatever.

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  1. The cup of broken dreams as well .-)

    1. Don't remind me!

    2. Actually I just realized Karin's team (Germany) did win the cup,to what must be to the shame of Basil Fawlty .-)

    3. Karin actually didn't want Germany to win. She's been brainwashed by me. I can also mention the war!

  2. One gift become two, one being what you sorely missed, I'd say you're an all out winner here.

    1. "An all out winner" - like the sound of that! But I do generally feel lucky.

  3. Suzie12:29

    Funny how that worked out. My partner always says that about tea being better in a white cup or mug. I thought it was just him being awkward!

    1. Tea in white china always tastes better. A man being awkward? I don't understand what you mean :)