Wednesday, August 20

Truro Cathedral And The White Feather Sniper

Inside Truro Cathedral

We were in Truro, the city for Cornwall, and while there we popped into the Cathedral. It always gives me a lift. I felt there would be something inside for me, as I saw a white feather in the entrance lobby. Always a good sign.

White Feather poem

We lit a candle for those we have lost and nearby was a board of poems from World War I. One shone out from the rest: The White Feather Sniper. As regular readers will know I have published many posts about white feathers.

Inside Truro Cathedral, Cornwall

The special atmosphere of the Cathedral makes you want to look up. I suppose this is what it sets out to do.

Truro Cathedral, Truro, Cornwall

 The arches and pillars are magnificent, you don't need to belong to any religion to appreciate the splendour.

Ceiling Truro Cathedral, Cornwall

The white feather had gone from the lobby following our visit.

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  1. Suzie07:32

    The cathedral looks wonderful, lovely pics.

    1. As you know I like churches but this cathedral is special.

  2. Moving poem that.

  3. Just beautiful. And that White feather sniper has a compelling ring to it. And where did the feather you spotted fly off to?

    1. I never thought of that - where had the white feather flown off to? That'll puzzle me now!