Tuesday, August 19

The Remarkable Coincidence Of The German Emperor Who Tried To Eat The World

French postcard of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany
caricatured trying to eat the world, but finds it 'too hard'.
It looks as if there has been an interest in coincidences for a long time. Here's a story I found in The Evening Telegram of December 16, 1896. If it's true, it's quite remarkable.

Wilhelm or William II of Germany
Wilhelm (William) II - German Emperor
A certain peasant and his wife, in Germany, were married on the same day as the Emperor and Empress, the peasant's Christian name being William.

The first child, a boy, was born on the same day as the Crown Prince, after which they had five other sons, each of whom was born at the same time as the five younger boys of the Emperor.

The Royal couple were informed of this, and were exceedingly interested in the very strange coincidence, but this interest was intensified when, on the last occasion of a royal birth, viz., the little daughter of the Kaiser, it was learned that the peasant's wife had also given birth to a daughter on the same day.

So astonished were the Emperor and Empress that they stood as godfather and godmother to this little girl, and have well provided for her future.

I've checked and William or Wilhelm II had seven children, six sons and one daughter He married Augusta Victoria on the 27th of February 1881. So the dates and info seem to fit okay.

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  1. This one knocks me right over..... Really?!

  2. if true its amazing coincidence. all the best to you mike

  3. Wow, who or what orchestrated this one?! Incredible.