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Flying On A Butterfly In Heaven

A butterfly wish
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A while back I published a post, Did This Doctor Visit Heaven? It was the story of Dr Eben Alexander who claims to have visited Heaven.

In the post I wrote about Alexander's experience of Heaven:

... travelling with him was what he took to be his guardian angel: a young woman with high cheekbones, deep-blue eyes and golden brown hair. She was wearing orange, indigo and powder blue clothing.

"Her thoughts were things like, 'You are loved. You are cherished for ever. There’s nothing you can do wrong'."

Together they moved on to "the core, an inky darkness that was also full to brimming with light." Here there was "a beautiful warm awareness of the divine which was clearly what we would call God".

Dr Alexander has a book out, with a snappy title, The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife. In this he mentions the 'young woman with high cheek bones'. But, before I come to the point of this post, I have first to explain that the doctor experienced his trip to Heaven while in a coma and that he was riding with the aforementioned woman on a butterfly wing (yes, a butterfly wing).

I'll get to the point now. In the Daily Mail (dated 18th of October) there is a quote by Eben Alexander as follows:

"Above all, that image of the woman on the butterfly wing haunted me.

And then, four months after coming out of my coma, I received a picture in the mail.

As a result of my earlier investigations to make contact with my biological family, a relative had sent me a photograph of my sister Betsy - the sister I had never known.

The shock of recognition was total. This was the face of the woman on the butterfly wing.

The moment I realised this, something crystallised inside me. That photo was the confirmation that I needed. This was the proof beyond reproach, of the objective reality of my experience. From then on, I was back in the old, earthly world I'd left behind before my coma struck, but as a genuine new person.

I had been reborn"

So, there we go, the doctor realised that he met his sister while in Heaven.

I know many will scoff at such things, but who's to say. The truth is that no one, as yet, can prove there is a Heaven or conversely that there isn't a Heaven. Many believe they have answers but that's all they are: beliefs. For the record though, I believe we do live on after death.

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  1. More will be revealed. Always has been and always will be.

    1. When we are ready it will be revealed. Thanks Dixie.

  2. Whether it is heaven he visited or a consciousness of another level, I do believe we are capable of making contact with, for example the doc with his sister. This is something no-one can prove or disprove. I personally believe in reaching a consciousness in a different plane, be that due to a near-death situation, a coma or death itself. Live on we do, somewhere, somehow...

    1. Suzie14:37

      If there is a Heaven then we are bound to meet out relatives there I'd have thought. The riding on a butterfly I find difficult to believe. I do think though that we do live on.

    2. Thanks Shadow. A different plane or dimension makes sense to me. I'm sure we do live on and some forms of contact are possible.

  3. Fascinating story. The traditional, religious view of heaven doesn't do much for me. But the idea that consciousness survives, as Shadows says, on a different plane, makes perfect sense to me. Reality now - and after we die - seems more complex than we realize.

    1. I have similar thoughts as you and it's definitely more complex than sitting on a cloud playing a harp following what we call death.