Tuesday, October 21

The White Dove Was A Messenger From His Deceased Mother

White Dove

A further white dove story, this time from Greg P.

"My mother passed earlier this year from cancer. I spent the year earlier with her while I finished college. It was a great reconnection because I was always close to my mom and we did a good amount of travelling together. She stayed up many nights with me when I had pressing homework due and discussing everything. I would also take my mother to her doctor appointments and we would always go to lunch afterwards.

However I never cried I guess because I went through her chemo with her! My mother was such a care giver that even on her dying bed she was more concern about us her children than herself.

Long story short, after her passing I dreamt about her twice but on the third occasion it was a replay of her funeral. The following morning while picking up my company vehicle at the lot I started to drive off, when I noticed something white fell off the truck in my rear view.

I pulled over and realized it was a bird. I first thought it was a white pigeon but after a close inspection it wasn't. I instinctively and carefully reached for my cell in order to take a pic. I didn't want to startle it so I took the first shot through the glass. When I noticed it wouldn't fly away I lowered my window and the dove flew towards me as I took another pic then it landed on top of my cab. I jumped out the truck and stared it in the face. The dove stared back and flew away until it was out of sight! The shot I got is a one in a million ..."

~ Greg P

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  1. That's strange. For two weeks I had a bird that looked similar to that one, hanging around the yard. I'd never seen one before. I'd had my Mom on my mind for many days... even had three dreams. I'm always grateful when I dream about her; it's as if she's really there, talking to me. It's always something funny. Interesting. Thanks Mike.