Monday, November 24

Cornish Torch Light Parade Day

Children dancing in St.Austell square

Our local town had it's Torch Light Parade. Nothing like the real big ones in other Cornish towns, such as Truro, but it got people into the town centre in the afternoon and standing out in the rain in the evening.

St.Austell crowd

There was dancing in the square ...

Food stalls St.Austell, Cornwall

and food stalls in the Fore Street.


The evening parade itself started as the rain began to fall. This must have got me flummoxed as I had my camera on the wrong setting - so most of the photos were out of focus! Such is life, but these are the better ones.

Torch Light Parade St.Austell, Cornwall

Most of the school children were out in force with their lanterns and ...

St Dennis Carnival Queen, Cornwall

... one of the local Carnival Queens from the nearby village of St.Dennis made an appearance.

Torch Light Parade, Cornwall

The floats seemed to go on for ages, something for everyone

Float at the Torch Light Parade

Torch Light Parade St.Austell

Despite the rain my little granddaughter seemed to enjoy herself as she cuddled into her gran's coat for protection and waved as the floats passed by.


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  1. Looks like fun, even with the rain!

  2. That third photo had me salivating - whatever they are - thy look good! I love parades - big or small - no problem! Look very festive and your Granddaughter looks toasty warm and happy!!