Tuesday, November 18

Coincidence And Synchronicity: Are They The Hand Of God?

Hand of God

Coincidence isn't chance or good fortune, say Pastors Mark & Sandy Tibey, such happenings, they claim, are the hand of God. Here's their story.

"Just this last week my wife and I were driving back from spending a few days in Bar Harbor. As we were passing a woman who was driving on the shoulder of the highway we both noticed that flames were shooting out the left rear of her car, and that within seconds the car could explode.

We raced to get in front of her and pulled over. Getting out of our car, I ran over to her to get her out of the car immediately. (I was a little concerned that she might have thought I was out to hurt her because she was totally unaware of the fire.)

She got out and I hurriedly put her into our back seat and drove down about another 150 feet, when an off duty Sheriff also pulls over and radios for a fire truck. All this happened within three minutes! By the time the fire truck arrived the car was engulfed in flames and everything appeared to be lost including her purse, pocket book with credit cards and about $500 in cash earnings.

As I am witnessing this I recognize the hand of God. How many times, when you have gotten beyond your control, do two pastors and a sheriff pop out of nowhere to console you? (Most of the time it's a stranger and even though they may not know God, God knows them). If that were not enough the purse was now charred beyond recognition but her pocket book, credit cards and cash were untouched by the flames!

Jesus is indeed risen from the dead and able to help us even when we don't call out for him."

~ Pastors Mark & Sandi Tibey

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  1. Great story! But I don't buy the hand of god thing.

  2. Of course, I can only speak for myself.
    As I've stated on here before, the Creator says [our thoughts are not his thoughts... and our ways are not his ways.] So what we perceive as 'the hand of God' may actually be something to produce a result to come. Are those events along the way by chance or coincidence? Does that matter? To us - maybe so. To him, who knows? Either way - the result seems to be the focus or goal.

    That couple might have easily been riding along talking, never taking notice of the fire. It's possible, to me, that they might have needed to learn something - not necessarily the woman driving the car. What did they learn besides, it's nice to help out a fellow human being when in your power to do so? I can't say because the end result of their lives is not for me to know.

    Sort of like this, Mike - when is it okay not to do the right thing? Or the nice thing? Or the kind thing? To simply ignore the needs of others to ensure our own way of life? That couple made a choice that put themselves in grave danger. Did they need 'the hand of God' to prompt them to do that? Do we know if this story encourages others to do something like it, when the time, chance or coincidence comes our way? I like to think it would. There are many who would pull their car to the side of the road, call for help, but not approach the burning car. Is that enough? I would hope, with my beliefs, I would say a prayer and do the same as they did. Looking at the end result would be to ensure the woman driver was safe. That's not to say that people who disagree with me would not do the same - and that is, to rush to the car with a measure of concern, and get her out of it. If there were no mention that the couple were 'pastors' would we be having this question?

    Excuse the long comment - sometimes I start tapping keys until... I'm done.
    Good story - and focus!