Tuesday, December 16

A Star Is Born Synchronicity

School Navity Play

Nothing too dramatic today, must be getting the Christmas feeling. Well I should be as we went to see our 4 year old grandson in his school Nativity Play last week. That's the scene above before the start.

There is a sort of synchronicity to this, but perhaps I'm pushing it a bit.

When my son and daughter-in-law chose our grandson's names they chose Oscar as a middle name. I remember Karin wondering why, and I said, "Because he's a little star."

And in his first school play he was a star - as were all of his class - the youngest pupils. Thus the star in the photo below. They all sang and did various movements.

Sammy on stage

Also at the school, for the young ones, there is a symbol next to each pupil's name where they have to keep their coats and other bits. Each child has a different symbol and Sammy's is a star! And that's my synchro for today.

My grandson on stage

Just remembered from a dusty corner of my brain. When Sammy's dad went to Uni I kept wishing and hoping that his room - he was staying on campus - would be first class. When we helped to move him in, for the first time, I realised his room number was A1 - which means 'first class' or 'top quality'. So my wish for him came true.

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  1. Heartwarming story! Love those...

  2. Wonderful! He is such a cutie and I like the synchro with Oscar!!