Thursday, December 4

How To Create A Stream Of Coincidences, Serendipity And Synchronicity

Stream of serendipity

I still like the weekend newspapers, it's almost a tradition with me, especially in winter. Feet up on a stool, cup of tea and a chocolate digestive biscuit while reading the day old news. I usually moan and groan about a lot of the articles but this doesn't put me off.

I even glance at the horoscopes. I was born on July, 23rd so I'm on the cusp. Sometimes I'm considered a Leo and sometimes a Cancerian. This week's forecast for Cancer appeared meaningful as it mentioned coincidences.

Often when talking about coincidences and synchronicity people will tell you that, once you start noticing them, they will appear more and more in your life, I've found this to be true myself. But how do you start the flow? This is what the astrologer, Jonathan Cainer, wrote in my Cancer forecast for the week ahead:

"If you want your life to be full of fortuitous coincidence, see yourself as an angler dangling a baited hook in the stream of serendipity.

In this river every catch is a prize catch. Even an old boot is a treasure to be gratefully reeled in. It will turn out to belong to someone who needs it back badly. Or it will prove to be a magic boot. Or somehow, it will turn out to have diamonds hidden in the soles.

How do you distinguish the stream of serendipity from the ordinary river of life? Just project into it your most positive expectations."

In life expectation brings changes and manifestations - good and bad, of course. So you have to be careful about what you expect to come about.

The example of how to create fortuitous coincidences by Cainer is perhaps similar to much written in self help books - but this sort of thing does work, though it might take a while to get the flow flowing.

I remember a similar idea for when there is a desire for material possessions in your life. You visualise going to a fun fair where there are prizes to be won. As you enter you notice it's called the Carnival of Life.

Once in the funfair you find yourself winning all sorts of  things, even the slot machines spill out their contents as you win the jackpot. When you finally leave the Carnival of Life you are loaded with cash and prizes galore. So much so that you need a van to carry all you have won to your home. There's obviously a van waiting for you ...

All of this is more than just a Pollyanna life style. It's us creating the synchronicity and coincidences to alter our lives. If you think about it, everything is a coincidence - even you actually being here to read this today. If your great-great-great grandfather hadn't have bumped into to your great-great-great grandmother by chance, you wouldn't be here today.

Enjoy the Stream of Serendipity and the Carnival of Life!

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  1. Funny that you should mention "Carnival" Mike,as I lent my boss a DVD of session one of the TV series "Carnivale" a few weeks ago and she loved it.
    She then asked me if I'd seen session two
    (which was the last one made before HBO canned the show) and I told her I'd always meant to get a copy,but never got around to it.
    She told me she went out and bought series two on DVD and then lent them to me.
    I'm watching them now on my computer and took a break to do a bit of net surfing and ended up here.
    And I agree with your post Mike.
    Life is like a carnival,you'd be (sur)prized what you can get out of it if you only have a go. ;-)
    That sounded like something Forrest Gump would say,I know,but it's true.

    1. Enjoy the Carnival, the jackpot is waiting!

  2. this kinda lets me think that all of everything was mapped out waaaaay before us?

    1. I think (maybe) some things are mapped out but we still have free will, so we can go off track at times.

  3. Suzie09:25

    I so love that idea of the Carnival of Life (and even the Forrest Gump that Brizdaz mentions). It's how I want my life to be"

  4. i could do with some good luck. will give it a try

  5. Great image, the carnival of life! Your horoscope was a synchro!

    1. The horoscope was a synchro, always amuses me how things work out - if we let them.

  6. Mike - I am so grateful for you and the wonderful you post!

    Ironically, I need a new van - well - one that runs a little better. I think I've found it and you writing about a van today, well, blows me away!!

    Chocolate biscuit and hot tea - my kind of relaxing.

    1. Great news, happy driving in that new van.

  7. There is a philosophical concept referred to as "naive perception". Think of those hidden picture activities where you try and locate a simple item hidden within a larger picture. We often can't find it, yet once it is pointed out to us, we can no longer look at the whole picture without seeing the simple item in it. That is an example of naive perception, at least for our purposes here. You are suggesting that it's the same with coincidence--once you experience it, you can no longer "not experience it" so to speak, and this brings opportunity for positive things in our lives. Makes sense!

    1. I also see it as being similar to when we may, for example, mention a specific car in a conversation, and then the next few days we see that make of car over and over. The cars were always there but we didn't notice them previously.

      Our brain has to filter out a lot of the stuff we see or we would take in much too much. But we can lift specific filters when we want to - by choice. Then we see what we want to see or experience.