Sunday, December 7

Vintage And Other Photos And Images From My Google Plus Pages

Photos and images I posted on Google + over the last week. Quite a mixed bunch!

Photo of a rabbit and a cat
Rabbit & Kitten Coincidence
Self help marriage problems from 1939
Self help book 1939
Mevagissey Cornwall
Mevagissey, Cornwall, England
Vintage coffee advertisement
Vintage Coffee Advertisement
Vintage photo of woman's hairstyle
Vintage hairstyle photo
1910 Parkinson Gas Cooker
1910 Parkinson gas cooker

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  1. Quite a collection, you're right. But I like it.

  2. Great collection! These old ads really reflect lifestyle- I mean, that gas cooker?!

  3. Some really cute stuff, Mike. Love the Cornwall Marina. The hairstyle is strange but interesting.