Saturday, December 6

10 Photos Of Mevagissey Cornwall And The Monkey Hanged As A Spy

Mevagissey Cornwall

It was a nice cold winter's day on Wednesday so we went to the fishing village of Mevagissey about seven miles from where we live in Cornwall.

Mevagissey fishing boats Cornwall

Many of the fishing boats were in the harbour - actually there are twin harbours so the boats are quite sheltered from any storms or bad weather.

Fishing village of Mevagissey Cornwall

It's hard to imagine that back in 1886 Mevagissey landed 255,000 hundredweight of fish - the highest quantity of any port in western England.

Cornish cliffs and sea Mevagissey

On our walk around the harbour walls the sea was quite rough and I got a bit wet taking the photo below as a wave crashed into the entrance to the outer harbour. The lighthouse can be seen on the opposite wall.

Entrance lighthouse to Mevagissey Harbour, Cornwall

The lobster and crab pots were stacked along by the harbour.

Lobster Pots in Cornwall

A small boat entered the outer harbour with two men standing aboard.

Entrance to inner harbour Mavagissey

Along side the harbour there is the old Fountain Inn and ...

Fountain Inn Mevagissey

...  the Wheel House restaurant.

Wheel House restaurant Mevagissey Cornwall

And before the visitors leave they usually grab a postcard to send home to say what a great time they are having!

Postcards from Mevagissey

P.S. It is said that the locals at Mevagissey hanged a monkey they took to be a French spy during the Napoleonic wars! There's always a legend wherever you go in Cornwall.

Photos: © Mike Perry
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  1. Delightful village! I always love a fishing port and harbor. Unusual to see the wood and rope lobster pots as we rarely see them anymore in the U.S. Cornwall is truly beautiful.

    1. Thanks Ann, though it all looks so much better on a sunshine day. When it's grey, raining and the wind is blowing it has completely different atmosphere.

  2. Just beautiful! And I love the Cornwall legends!

  3. What a feast for the eyes, and a lovely day to be there! Lucky you and the Mrs.
    After watching "Pirates of the Caribbean," and the antics of the monkey in that movie - I can believe someone would hang a monkey. It's not a stretch of the imagination.
    Thank you so much for your visits - have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Dixie - enjoy your weekend too.