Sunday, December 14

Vintage Photos Taken From My Google Plus Page

As it's Sunday, just a few vintage photos and images from my Google Plus Page from the past week.

1950s London Motor Bus
The illustration above is from a British children's 'Nursery Picture Book' from the early 1950s. Within the pages are suggestions about what to do 'When I Grow Up'. In  this instance it's becoming a bus driver or conductor. 

Vintage toy advertisement from late 1800s
Vintage advert for toys circa 1895
Coffee shop from 1800s
Coffee Shop 1800s
The picture above is titled "Tom and Jerry at a Coffee Shop near the Olympic." and is from the early 1800s. Coffee establishments were very different back then! This one was in London.

1913 Cartoon
1913 Cartoon: Where are the English?
Vintage photo of boys clothing
Vintage photo
How uncomfortable the boy above must have been while having his photo taken in those vintage clothes,

Vintage Fry's Cocoa Advert
Vintage Fry's Cocoa Advert

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  1. I love hobby and carousel horses. That coffee shop is a bit disturbing - ladies of night, maybe? That child indeed, looks miserable. I have photos of my Dad and Uncle that look almost as bad!