Wednesday, January 28

Is Dreaming Sometimes Astral Travelling?

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon - a photo I took a few years back
I've always been interested in dreams; what they are, their meanings and so on. At times though it makes me wonder if some dreams are actually astral travelling, in one of its many forms. Here's an example from J.B Priestley's Man and Time:

"My dream. I found myself sitting in the front row of a balcony or gallery in some colossal vague theatre that I never took in properly.

On what I assumed to be the stage, equally vast and without any definite proscenium arch, was a brilliant coloured and fantastic spectacle, quite motionless, quite unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was an unusually impressive dream, which haunted me for weeks afterwards."

Some 6 or 7 years later.

"I paid my first visit to the Grand Canyon, arriving early in the morning when there was a thick mist and nothing to be seen. I sat for some time close to the railing on the South Rim, in front of the hotel there, waiting for the mist to thin out and lift. Suddenly it did, and then, I saw, as if I were sitting in the front row of a balcony, that brilliantly coloured and fantastic spectacle, quite motionless, that I had seen in my dream theatre. My recognition of it was immediate and complete. My dream of years before had shown me a preview of my first sight of the Grand Canyon."

Did Priestly, therefore, visit the Grand Canyon for the first time in his dreams, or through astral travelling? If it was either option was he seeing into the future? And if it was astral travelling does this signify that we can travel into the future and, if we can do this, why not 'sideways' as well into other dimensions.

So many questions and so much we don't fully understand - well at least I don't.

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  1. Fascinating experience he had. It seems that some dreams are astral travel, others are prescient,some are memories from other lives. I think almost anything is possible in dreams!

  2. I have no answers - but what a lovely thing to have happened to him. At least if he though, Deja Vu... he knew where the first time was.