Wednesday, January 7

Street Art In A Cornish Town

Cornwall art tin miners

A simple off subject post today. I saw these examples of street art in my local town in Cornwall and their simplicity appealed to me.

I guess the artwork above shows a Cornish tin miner, but to the right there appears to be soldiers perhaps from World War I.

Below the mother and child are crying tears of blood, maybe associated with the loss of life.

Street art Cornwall

And the third: gardening? allotments? The women or girls are wearing ties - associated with some sort of uniform?

Street art St Austell Cornwall

Whatever the interpretation they brighten a dismal wall and, with a bit of luck, us too.

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  1. Well, Mike, these are most unusual to me. I can see why you'd have interest in them. The more I really look at the details, the more fascinating each seems to be. Additionally, the three presented as a "set" is intriguing.

    I even wondered if they were done by the same artist. For example: simple line drawings of main subjects - almost like those drawings you'd see in a child's colouring book. The main colourisation is the background and overlaid onto the foreground. Lastly the similar colours.

    On the pocket of one of the men in the first, is written some sort of note. The second - the two hold a letter. In the third painting, another note tucked in the bottom right corner.

    Strangely, I don't know that any one of these would have grabbed my attention - but certainly the three, together have! Would love to see them on a wall together - gallery style!

    Nice post! And I think you've got three gems (smile).

    1. Thank you Dixie, It's always interesting as to what others see within a painting or drawing.

  2. Wow, these are great! The colors, the simple lines, and what they depict.