Saturday, January 10

One Of The Great Secrets To Create A Successful Life

The mind and success

I've mentioned before how I sometimes take a book at random and open it up to see what words of wisdom I find - if any. Today I picked up The Science Of Mind by Ernest Holmes, which I see was first published back in 1938. Page 400 has the following, about how to create a successful life:

"Conscious thought is the starting point of every creation. Trained thought is more powerful than untrained thought since the admission that thought is power gives it added power. This is one of the great secrets of Mental Science. Conscious thought is the starting point. The Subjective Law knows only to obey. It can do nothing else. It has no will of its own. We impress our will upon it. We do not will as though we were using an arbitrary force, we impress it. We should be careful to differentiate between these attitudes of mind.

The idea of a successful life will create success. This idea will find objective form in the outer world of the one who holds to it with conviction. It must first become established in the conscious mind. It will then transmit itself into a subjective embodiment when this happens success will become habitual"

For those wondering how to be successful in 2015 (or at any time) there's the answer! We first create and picture the successful life we desire. If we get the message across to the unconscious mind, with the aid of belief, then it has to come to fruition.

I don't really have to add anything else!

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  1. The power of positive thinking!

    1. With perhaps a little visualisation thrown in for good measure!

  2. And lots of belief!

  3. Anonymous12:24

    It's even more. You need to truly believe. The world we see around us teaches us the opposite. We need to go into our own minds, the place where no one but you yourself can touch. Nothing is random. Everything is an answer to a question we have asked in our unconscious mind. Believe! You are your own answer.