Tuesday, January 20

Sightings Of UFOs Two Stories High

I was looking through some old newspapers and found two UFO sightings reported. Nothing too unusual in that I suppose, but both stories say the UFO was about two stories high. A coincidence perhaps but I thought I'd publish the reports here. They are from 1980 and 2000.

Source: The Sumter Daily Item Sep 11, 1980

Jerry McAlister, a 40 year old electrician at a textile mill, has been out of work with a broken ankle said he went to the window after hearing a noise and saw the UFO. He awoke his wife, and she awoke one of their children.

The object was about two stories high and had two rows of windows, all so brightly lit that it was impossible to see anything inside.

"It hovered over the same area for about three minutes," he said. "Then it turned on its side and sped off like a streak of lightning at treetop level."

McAlister said that after sighting the object he reported it to the sheriff’s department. A short time later, he said, he heard deputies on his police radio saying they believed the sighting was a prank. He said he called them again and told them to come to his home. Then the deputies saw it.

"It was so bright it could hurt the naked eye," McAllister said, "They apologised to me. We watched it for two hours. Finally it went out of sight."

He told reporters that he nor his wife had ever believed UFOs existed before.

Source: Daily News Jan 10 2000

Millstadt, Mo, Police Officer Craig Stevens saw a UFO. A further three other officers from the Lebanon, Shiloh and Dupo, Mo. police departments also say they saw something in the sky, something that looked like a UFO.

Stevens, sitting in his patrol car in Millstadt on his overnight shift, heard the radio chatter [about UFOs] and drove to the north end of town. He scanned the sky but saw only aircraft lights. Then he looked west.

"Wow," he thought, jumping out of the car, "This thing is huge!"

He said it moved slowly, like a blimp, about 1000 feet off the ground. It was about two stories high and about three times as long. In addition to the three lights in the back, dimmer lights sprinkled the entire surface, almost like a starfield camouflage.

He grabbed his Polaroid camera and snapped a shot. The object was heading toward Dupo, and Stevens radioed dispatch. The dispatcher radioed back, reporting an officer there had spotted it too.

The Polaroid photo didn't develop well, the image only shows three bright lights.

I remember many years ago someone I knew described to me how he had seen a UFO hovering over his house in Dorset. He described it as being massive, the size of his house. But strangely no one else saw it. He wasn't though a man who would make up stories and certainly wouldn't want any publicity.

If you believe in the possibility of UFOs could it be that only some people can actually see them?

I wondered this as there was a time I was leaving a friend's house late at night and I saw this - something or other moving across the sky. My friend's wife could see whatever it was but my friend couldn't. We were saying things like, "But you must be able to see it. Look! There!" but he couldn't.

Thus my question can only certain people see UFOs?

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  1. I believe that the The Daily News article has some inaccuracies, since those towns are in Illinois, and the sighting was documented very differently:-) The sighting was referred to as the St. Clair Triangle (St. Clair County, Ill) In any case, your question is an interesting one indeed!

    1. Thank you Ann - that's interesting.

  2. I've wondered the same thing. One night my husband and I saw something as we were coming out of Barnes and Noble and stood out in the parking lot for at least 10 minutes, watching it. A lot of people were coming and going, but no one else seemed to notice it.

    1. It is odd, same perhaps with ghosts and other phenomena.

    2. Anonymous01:32

      Well, you still have to remember that this is the area where Triangle sightings have been consistent. Around that network of military bases.

  3. That first report has a few inconsistencies. One minute it's there for about 3 minutes, later it's there for a couple of hours??

    Not sure what I believe. That there are developed species in space, I do believe, not sure about UFOs though.

  4. Interesting question. I experienced something years ago but have never see it again. There was one other witness but we honestly did not know what to make of it. I had a read a book - can't remember the title - so I've often wondered if it was merely, "power of suggestion," from the book. Except that witness saw 'them' too.

  5. These ARE blimp sightings. But something so mundane doesn't make a good story.