Tuesday, February 3

The Coincidences Of Having The Same Name

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Frank William Boumas often received mysterious phone calls and misguided mail. The problem was that there was another Frank William Boumas in town.

About ten years ago the two men with the same name finally met - and they discovered that this was only the first of several coincidences.

They met by coincidence at the Kent County Airport because of a ticket mix-up: They were both booked to Florida on the same airline, the same day.

They got chatting and learned that each of them had married on July 9th. Frank and Trudy Bouma had celebrated their 50th anniversary and Frank and Nella their 55th.

Both couples had a daughter and, again unknown to each other, named their daughters Marcia - out of all of the thousands of names they could have chosen.

Oh, and both of the two Frank's fathers are both named Fred.

It is strange about names. In my own family my paternal and maternal grandfathers were both called Frederick William and both of their fathers (my great grandfathers) were called John.

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  1. My Mom once received a letter from a man who said he'd be home soon, meanwhile he'd sent money for extras. He had the same name as my Dad's. The crazy thing was... my Dad was out of town at the time and would be returning home the day before the letter stated "the other man would be." They held onto the letter for a while... finally spent the thirty dollars, together.
    There was no return address and as far as I know, they never found him or heard from him again...

    1. How weird is that. It is strange though how these things happen - and why.

    2. How weird is that. It is strange though how these things happen - and why.

  2. It's amazing how these things happen. My dad was the youngest of 4 (girl boy girl boy) my mother was the eldest of 4, girl boy girl boy.

    1. Sometimes there does seem to be almost a pattern to life.

  3. Wow, what are the odds on that one??