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The Mocking Lake Or Pohenegamook Monster

Pohenegamook monster
Rev Planter's sketch of the monster her saw.
The Rev. Leopold Planter is a man who claims to have seen a monster at Lake Pohenegamook in Canada. The Lake is also known as Mocking Lake - hopefully this name isn't significant!

Rev Planter was standing near his church when he saw this big thing about 25 to 30 feet long, He feels that the monster, "... needs to come out of the water to get oxygen - just like marine monsters."

Planter said of his sighting, "I was fishing and I saw it long enough to throw my line in the water. After that people were afraid to go on the lake."

He added that he couldn't see the monster's head as it was too far away, but he has drawn a picture of how he thought the monster looks (at top of post).

He says, "It wasn't a fish. You can't see it like a crocodile. A fish never floated that way. In 1960 a man here was having his car repaired at a garage. He saw the beast resting on shore. The thing left fast like a boat with a motor. About 100 people around here have seen it."

Louis Fournier and his wife Lucie also say they have seen the monster. They described it as being black and on top of the water, about 85 feet long and it was 50 feet from the shore.

According to Lucie, "He had three humps, like upside down boats. It's not a legend, It's a reality and isn't a fish."

She continued, "It was terrible. My hair was standing up on my head, as if I had nails on my head. It made my head hurt."

Mr. Fournier continued the story, "It turned round as if it was running after fish - five times, each time it took 250 to 300 feet to circle around. It's tail splashed water 35 feet up in the air. Then it dived."

The once mayor of Estcourt, Gaston Painchaud, saw the monster way back in 1957. He said it was dark, gray and was about 40 feet long. He said at the time, "It dived out of sight and brought waves to shore five inches high. There were two humps. It could have come from the ocean through the St John River. It was too big for a sea sturgeon and not the same shape."

Another sighting back in 1976 was by Marcel and Danielle Denis while in a boat on the lake. They were 50 feet from shore when they saw 'a big fish' 20 to 25 feet from their boat. They supposedly stared at the creature for about five minutes as it dived in and out of the water five or six times. In their description they said, "We saw its back, no head. It was a silky smooth gray."

Marcel Denis said that there is a legend that a priest in St Eleuthere kept small sturgeons in a cage in the 1950s. One night they were supposed to have gotten away in a storm. One of these become the monster.

In Peter Costello's book, In Search of Lake Monsters, he writes Reports of a Monster in Mocking Lake have been seriously investigated by a scientist. There had been occasional sightings over many years. In 1958, the Director of the Quebec Department of Game and Fisheries, Dr. Vadim Vladikov, went out to the lake to make a private investigation.

"I have questioned a great many people in Saint Eleuthre (the local village) and they all tell me the same thing- an animal 12 to 18 feet long, brown or black in colour, with a round back two or three feet wide and a sawtooth fin down the centre. Any time anyone approaches close, the animal slithers away and sinks below the lake’s surface."

As with other lake monsters who knows the truth for sure. but you'd think by now someone glued to their phone or iPad would have got a decent photo ir video.

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  1. Interesting how the lengths vary! One of these days, a smart phone photo will capture it.

  2. Variety of descriptions... maybe a selfie when the monster gets more confidence around people.

  3. It's hard enough these days to catch a dolphin or whale in the water to get a good and clear picture...good luck getting a pic of a lake/sea monster! :)