Wednesday, March 11

He Went The Wrong Way Round The World

London Heathrow Airport 1970s
Plane landing at London Heathrow Airport 1970s
London Heathrow: The man at the check-in counter stared hard and long at Jose Caytania's ticket. Her scratched his head.

"Where do you think you are?" he asked.

Jose smiled. "Tokyo. I'm in Tokyo and I'm waiting to catch my plane to Manila. I just got in from Los Angeles."

Sure enough there was the ticket: Los Angeles-Tokyo-Manila.

Jose had obviously somehow boarded the wrong plane at Los Angeles and flown half way round the world, landing at London's Heathrow Airport.

Caytania shook his head. He looked around the transit lounge, which was full of Japanese passengers waiting their flight to Tokyo. Just a coincidence the official said and booked the wayward world traveller a seat on a flight to Hong Kong, where he could pick up a connection to Manila.

Hopefully security is much tighter today at airports, the above report was from the Rome News dated December 29, 1971.

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