Wednesday, March 4

She Won The Same Television Twice And Raised Money For Charity

Television Coincidence

Here's a small(ish) coincidence I saw in The Mail On Sunday on their Letters page.

"I never usually win anything, so when recently I came first in a competition for a 32" flatscreen TV, I was delighted.

But I knew I needed a good raffle prize for a charity ball I was going to do in aid of research into sarcoma cancer, so I donated the TV as a prize.

More than 250 people turned up for he event and I bought some raffle tickets myself. I couldn't believe it when my number was read out. I'd won my TV back!

Of course I couldn't accept the prize and asked for the organisers to choose another winner. In one month you could say I'd won two 32" TVs but ended up with none! What was important was that the charity benefited.

~ Ginette Hollands Broxbourne, Hertfordshire.

More information about Sarcoma cancer can be found on Sarcoma UK

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