Tuesday, March 3

What Is It? Coincidence Or Fate?

A short coincidence story

Maurice 'Murray' Weill lived in Boca Raton and booked a flight from Newark to Indianapolis for himself and his wife. This was to celebrate their granddaughter's graduation from Indiana University.

When they were being seated, the stewardess told them that there was another couple on the plane with the same last name of Weill. It turned out that his first name was also Murray, and officially he was called Maurice.

What are the odds that this could happen: two Maurice Weills, both also known as Murray, would be on the same flight? Probably millions to one.

And one final coincidence is that they both reside in Boca Raton.

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  1. the odds.... are indeed huge.

  2. I understand. Last year I discovered a female with my exact name, including the nickname, "Dixie," living seven miles from me. She also has a daughter, same names. My Mom before she passed away - same names. 4 women, one passed on, three living, all having the same names. Oh and her daughter lives next door to her. I lived three minutes from My Mom, but now own her home.

  3. Wow, this one is impressive! And interestingly, Boca Raton is half an hour or so south of us.