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Clairvoyant Predicted Her Own Imminent Death

Nell St. John Montague clairvoyant

Nell St. John Montague was one of London's best known society clairvoyants in the 1940s. She is said to have made many accurate predictions. Friends and associates therefore become concerned when she revealed what would be her own imminent death.

She told them, "I saw a fiery streak. Then a red mist spread over everything ..."

As she explained, her long experience had taught her that red mists always meant one thing: "Blood - a violent death." The "fiery streak" however remained a mystery even to her.

A few weeks following her prediction a Nazi buzz bomb (this was during World War 2) struck her London Home. This answered the question as to what the 'fiery streak' actually was. She had accurately predicted her death.

Prior to her death illustrious clients included the former Queen Victoria of Spain and Lady Clarisbrook - whose husband was a brother of Britain's Queen at the time. Victoria's first consultation with Miss Montague was one she wouldn't forget.

She warned Victoria that her wedding day would be the occasion of a number of violent deaths. The prediction was stunningly fulfilled.

As the bridal party drove away from the church a bouquet containing a bomb, was tossed at the royal carriage. Both the King and Queen escaped injury, but 24 other people were killed and 80 were wounded.

It is also reported that someone handed her an example of Hitler's handwriting. She, not knowing whose it was, said, "Whoever wrote that is as mad as a hatter."

There are many other predictions that proved accurate. In 1944 she forecast that Lord Louis Mountbatten "... will some day find a watery grave." This was shown in various newspapers in November of 1944.

The prediction took a long time to materialise, but in 1979 Lord Mountbatten went lobster potting in a wooden boat, moored in the harbour at Mullaghmore. An IRA member slipped into the boat and planted a radio-controlled bomb. Just a few hundred yards from the shore the bomb was detonated. Mountbatten was killed.

Some people do appear to have 'the gift'.

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  1. ....wouldn't want to know my own 'date'......

  2. I'm with Shadow!! But it sounds as if this woman was truly psychic.

    1. I wouldn't want to know my 'date' either. She does appear to be psychic, but I'm not sure I'd want that either!