Friday, June 26

Father Meets Son After 40 Years By Coincidence

Coincidence of name

Holly was born more than 40 years ago, but his mother died when he was only a week old. This was in New Orleans. The baby's maternal grandparent's adopted him. 

The grandfather died some years later and the grandmother married a man named Jones. Holly then became Holly Jones through adoption.

The Joneses moved away to California and Holly went to school and graduated from the University of California.

For many years Holly Jones wondered what had become of his birth father, who he knew was called Charles Beitel. By chance, his wife, through her employment, found herself addressing a letter to a Mr Beitel.

Mr Beitel ran a general store in another Californian town, so when on a trip they looked in on the store.

The store clerk said that Breitel wasn't around at the moment, but said to Holly, "... you must be a relative of some kind ... you sure look like him."

When Beitel came to the store, he immediately recognised Holly, even though he hadn't seen him since an infant. "I knew you right away," he told Holly. "I've been looking at myself in the mirror for a long time and you're me all right."

So the reunion was made. Beitel, who by coincidence had moved to California ten years ago, gained, not only his son, but also a daughter-in-law and two grandsons.

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