Saturday, August 29

Divine Intervention Through Casting The Burden - Or Perhaps Not!

Casting the burden

To many this will sound bonkers.

My car went in for an annual service and I was told it needed a new battery. I agreed, and this was replaced. Problem was that, by disconnecting the battery, this affected other things. It was all righted, except for the car radio, which would no longer work.

To correct this the mechanic needed the radio code, unique to my radio. He thought he had the right number, but whatever he did the radio wouldn't make a sound. The assumption being that the code was wrong.

But, no easy job getting the right code. I'd have to travel to the car's main dealer, with proof of ownership, and then they would obtain the code by attaching a special computer - not the normal diagnostic computer that car service mechanics use.

I didn't really want to do this and waste a day, but accepted I'd have to do what I was told (for a change). I tried entering the code myself, by following the instructions in the car radio manual, but it wouldn't work. Worse still, if you get it wrong once, you can't try again for at least an hour - supposedly for security reasons.

I was a bit narked, but that evening I picked up a book from the mountain in my office, opened it up and it was telling how, if you have a problem, you should "cast the burden". By this it means that problems aren't ours, they belong to the universe to solve. Okay, I said this would sound bonkers to many people!

Anyway, that night, I cast the problem of my car radio onto the universe by saying that I believed the answer would come as to how I could get the radio working again, without a trip to the main dealer.

Next morning I read my horoscope in the newspaper (something I don't normally do). It read: "You have to trust that you know what you know and you know what to do. Even if the solution to a problem doesn't seem immediately obvious to you, the right way forward will reveal itself just at the moment when you most feel in greatest need of guidance." This made me smile.

After I'd read this we had to go to the supermarket - not something I enjoy - and we parked as near as possible as it was raining. My wife got out of the car, but for some inexplicable reason I stayed where I was and fed the code number into the radio, But, instead of following the procedure stated in the handbook, I pushed other buttons as well. There was a glare from my wife - she was getting wet in the rain!

But then magically the radio started to play! Somehow I had got the radio working again - goodness knows how. I certainly didn't do what the manual said.

So - divine intervention, coincidence or pure luck?

Whatever, it pleased my wife, despite the rain, and I'd earned myself a few brownie points!

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  1. Love it!! This doesn't sound bonkers at all. Something of a synchro with your horoscope, too. What's the name of the book?

    1. The book is nothing special, written back in 1920s: The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel-Shinn.

  2. I do this all of the time, Mike. It works.

    1. Thanks Dixie - all problems have a solution. Interesting that this works for you.