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The Coincidence Of My Father's Stopped Watch

clock coincidence

Here's a familiar coincidence story.

One day in February 1966, in his Cambridge, England, apartment, the Rt. Rev. James A. Pike found his clocks stopped at 8:19 - the hour corresponding to the time when his son, James Jr., had shot himself to death in New York City two weeks earlier.

The strange coincidence, according to Pike, was accompanied by other unexplained phenomena: his books were mysteriously moved from place to place; clusters of safety pins appeared "where they had not been before, all open to the position that the hands of a clock are in at 8:19."

The Rev. Pike concluded, "I feel that it is James who communicates with me."

I say familiar because I had a similar experience which I wrote about in January, 2010. For those newer readers here is the story.

Thinking about this today perhaps it doesn't sound such a big deal but, at the time, it affected me greatly and still intrigues me now.

My son had just told us that he had qualified as a Chartered Accountant, which takes six years work here in the UK. I was, of course, chuffed to bits about this and, after talking about it with my wife, I went upstairs to our bedroom.

I wanted to get something or other out of my wardrobe and, for some reason, I was wondering what my father, now deceased, would have thought about my son's success. As I reached into the wardrobe a small bag fell out.

The bag just happened to be one in which I kept a few of my dad's possessions. Nothing of value but they all mean something to me: his old watch, cigarette case, penknife, wedding ring, darts, a tie and a few other trinkets all full of memories. 

I then looked at the watch. Dad was always one for punctuality and often asked, "Do you know what time it is?" when I was a teenager either arriving home at night or getting up late in the morning. Then I noticed the time where the hands of the watch had stopped and have remained ever since.

The time on the watch was exactly the time that my son had been born (3.20 pm).

Perhaps I was in an emotional state but this really hit me. It was as if it was a message from my father saying he knew all about his grandson.

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  1. I've always loved this story about your dad's watch! It does seem that our loved ones who have passed on really do use anything they can to communicate with us.